Burt’s Bees, E.L.F. & Inglot

Burt’s Bees are one of the few companies whose products carry the Leaping Bunny symbol in Ireland. Their products range from lip balms, to lip sticks, toner, cleansers… The list goes on! They do not test on animals nor do they ask others to do so on their behalf.

There was a rumor last year that they were starting to sell in China and therefor their products would have to be tested on animals by law. Today, they do sell in China. The (positive) catch though is that they offer a ‘direct-to-customer’ service, posting products directly to the customer. This way they bypass the mandatory law.

Their range of products can Bee found in Boots, McCabe’s and The Health Stores around the country.

My favourite quote from their site, which pretty much sums up the brand:

We’re basically a bunch of hands-on, tree-hugging, greased elbow do-gooders. It’s kind of what makes our company special. We think the bees would agree.”




E.L.F. only became available in Ireland in 2017, with stands popping up in Penney’s. The excitement when I saw it! Today, SuperDrug and McCabes host a range of their products. It is very affordable and a nice quality. I’m a huge fan of their clear primer, seen in the photo below. It has such a velvety feel when you apply it to you face.

Not only is it a cruelty free brand, but it is a vegan brand too, including their synthetic vegan brushes. You can read more details on the Ethical Elephant link below!





I emailed Inglot during the week and am still awaiting a response; however, it was not difficult to find some convincing information on their website:

“We are extremely proud to state we do not test on animals.”

On the Maltese Inglot website, I found the following too:

“Inglot do no harm to animals and do no animal testing for reasons of good conscience. Additionally, we insist that our suppliers do not test raw materials on animals on our behalf. We conduct our own, independent tests to assure that our products and ingredients are safe and worthy of your trust.”

It is fabulous to see such certainty and passion about insuring their products are not tested.

They have an amazing selection of nail varnish, something which I struggled with initially when I first started buying cruelty free. I used to love Essie, Rimmel and L’Oréal colours, all of which I have had to stop buying.

I haven’t found any evidence that Inglot is vegan, but if I get a reply with more information I will post an update!



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