Kiko & Dr Hauschka

I had originally planned on discussing Dead Sea Cosmetics too but it was difficult to find confirming evidence online and I’m still awaiting a reply from them. I notice on their website that they do sell in China but hoping this refers to Hong Kong as opposed to mainland China.



Parent Company: None

Available online to ship to Ireland & available in Belfast

Kiko is an Italian brand that was set up back in 1997. It wasn’t hard to find information on Kiko’s website about their stance on animal testing. Their statement is short and brief, but to the point. They adhere to the EU laws on the ban of animal testing but I wouldn’t class them as vegan, however, as they do use beeswax in some of their lip products.

“KIKO does not carry out or order testing on animals, pursuant to the relative European laws.

This guarantee does not only include finished products but also the latest generation raw materials, tested from 2004 onwards. In fact, European legislation for cosmetics has prohibited animal testing since 2004 on finished products, a practice stopped by the cosmetics industry 15 years before the law went into effect. A ban, valid in all EU territories, not only on the sale of final cosmetic formulations which have undergone animal testing but also products containing ingredients tested on animals outside of the European Community came into effect on March 11, 2009.

KIKO is committed to the pursuit of progress in Italian and European cosmetics through research into alternative tests to animal toxicological tests that protect consumer safety.”

You may notice they don’t carry the Leaping Bunny symbol as this symbol is part of a private entity which require a fee each year to be able to keep the logo. They chose to invest this money back into the company instead of the fee. I agree with this but I also feel having the Leaping Bunny, or even a cruelty free statement on products, can help consumers in such a huge way.

In terms of selling in mainland China, Kiko only sell their products in Hong Kong, which is not classed as ‘mainland China’ and therefor no mandatory animal testing is in place here.



Dr Hauschka

Parent Company: None

Available in The Health Stores across Ireland

You don’t judge a book by its cover, but you can tell that Dr Hauschka’s products are made with TLC and attention to detail from seeing their packaging. Dr Hauschka is a natural skincare brand committed to sustainability and healing. They have always been committed to never testing on animals, since their founding in 1967.

“The responsible and sustainable development of our products is something that has been at the core of Dr. Hauschka Cosmetics ever since the beginning, back in 1967. Today we are proud to continue to carry this philosophy forward.

Naturally, this means that no animal tests have ever been carried out either by or on behalf of Dr. Hauschka Cosmetics since our founding in 1967.”

From browsing their website, I was delighted to see their commitment to Fair Trade also, demonstrating their commitment to being a sustainable, environmentally friendly company.

“We also support sustainability through the ecological, socially-responsible partnerships that we have created: for example, we obtain shea butter from an organically certified collection area in Burkina Faso and the precious oil of the Damask roses from countries such as from Afghanistan, where we are working with the World Hunger Organisation to offer around 700 farmers who now use organic methods an alternative to opium cultivation.”

I’ve fallen for this brand. Hint hint… Valentines day is coming up! ❤



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