With the new year on the horizon, I want to take the time to thank you all for your support in 2018 – the first year of my blog!

I first began to look into animal testing for cosmetics about 4 years ago when I saw videos on Facebook about the torture those animals go through – I had NO idea it still happened in this day and age!

I went to research all my makeup and change things bit by bit as I needed to buy new products, but then as I told different people in work, I soon found that a lot of people were interested and soon a few were even talking to each other about my use of Cruelty Free products – which is what inspired me to start my blog!

It really warms my heart when I see so many people who are compassionate and willing to make changes in their lifestyle to help change the world – and change the world we will!

Since my blog began I have already seen so many more brands become Cruelty Free, and I’ve learned that so many of these brands are so accessible and affordable, so this journey is free to everyone to join!

I’ve done my best to research which brands also have Cruelty Free parent companies, and which are certified CF through the Leaping Bunny Programme or PETA, etc.

I really do see a future where blogs like this will be obsolete – all products will be Cruelty Free and I’ll have to find a new hobby! In the best possible way, I really look forward to this day! (I’ll probably get cracking on a new jigsaw or take up Yoga)

In 2019, I will be starting a new job which will hopefully give me more time to access and work on my blog. Please continue to message me with questions or brands you’ve found/products you love! I can’t do this without the help of all of my amazing followers.

Also in the new year, I want to branch out my blog to cover more of other areas of animal protection – such as spreading more awareness of Puppy Farms, encouraging pet adoption, and also helping to raise more awareness around Palm Oil and microbeads, veganism and vegetarianism etc. All of these issues affect us as humans and affect our planet and so many lovely creatures. I also wish to focus on different ways we can all cut down on plastic and see what actions we can all take towards a greener future.

Thank you all again for your continued support ❤

H x


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