Sign the Petition to help Cruelty Free International

I was contacted during the week by a representative of Cruelty Free International asking if I would help promote their campaign to stop nasty chemicals being tested on animals right here in Europe.

“The testing ban on finished cosmetic products applies since 11 September 2004; the testing ban on ingredients or combination of ingredients applies since 11 March 2009.” – European Commission Website

However, the REACH regulation still requires chemicals to be tested on animals before the chemical is registered – however I don’t believe this changes any of Cruelty Free International Leaping Bunny certified products. CFI go into huge depth when certifying a product – including looking at where the brand acquires their ingredients.

I believe this is not just a matter of testing for cosmetics, but other products too. REACH claim that a lot of the chemicals they test are used only or mainly in cosmetic products. Studies show that the alternative methods to animal testing are even more accurate, such as ‘in vitro’ models, cell cultures, computer models, and various new imaging techniques (See NCBI link below for more details)

More information about REACH can be found here;

Please sign the petition to help enforce the EU ban across REACH too.
Here’s what Cruelty Free International have to say on the matter;

“Help us stop European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) overreach! Stand up for cruelty free cosmetics!

Across Europe, the use of animals to test cosmetics is banned.

Information we have uncovered shows clearly that chemicals testing rules – REACH – are being used to test substances used in cosmetics. The agency argues that it can even require animal tests on substances that are used only or mainly in cosmetics. We disagree.

We need to stop this overreach now and make sure the cosmetics testing bans are honoured.”

You can sign the petition here:

More information is available here;

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