First Stop: The Body Shop

“Love the bunnies; Fight for cruelty free beauty”

The first thing you may notice when you enter The Body Shop is their promotions about their work with Cruelty Free International. Their aim is to collect as many signature as possible to help end the world of animal testing. Personally, I love the publicity this gives to cruelty free products and the light it shines on the topic. It draws attention to something many shoppers would never even consider.

The Body Shop also promote fair trade – which supports the practice of good trading and independence-building ways of life through the Community Fair Trade Programme. Through this initiative they source their raw ingredients from all over the world. Being the first company to introduce this type of trading for cosmetics, it marked a milestone in the cosmetics industry

However, what some people aren’t aware of is the fact that in 2006, The Body Shop was acquired by L’Óriel. L’Óriel are a major brand who, unfortunately, do carry out animal testing on their products. Their products are sold in China, where it is required by law that all beauty products that are sold in the country are tested on animals (despite claims from L’Óriel that they no longer test). This currently deters some cruelty free enthusiasts from using this brand, despite their work with Cruelty Free International.

However, L’Óriel are currently in the process of selling The Body Shop to a Brazilian company named Natura. This would be great news as Natura do not test on animals. As the Body Shop have not yet updated their website, the sale might not have been closed but it is very close to becoming a cruelty free brand without compromise!



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