I was very kindly sent some sample Elave products by the Gardiner Family Apothecary recently, and for a number of reasons I believe a lot of you may like their products. They were founded in 1934 in Ireland, and have been since creating skincare products which combine their expertise in traditional formulations with latest (cruelty free!) dermatological advances.

They are certified Cruelty Free and Vegan by PETA. In terms of the Mainland China market, they get around the mandatory animal testing by selling directly to customers online. Their products are not in any shops, so they avoid the mandatory testing law this way, which is great.

Their range of Elave Sensitive products offers everything from shampoo, hand wash, hand sanitiser, to a range of face creams and coconut oil. Check out their website, linked below, for a full list of their available products. All but 4 of their products are certified as Vegan, as seen below;

Elave sensitive skincare is committed to being vegan friendly. 38 of our 42 elave products are certified by PETA as Vegan and are free from all animal products and by-products.The 4 elave products which are not certified as Vegan contain either Beeswax or Honey, natural ingredients that have been used for centuries to help maintain good skin health.
Elave baby nappy cream 100g (beeswax)
Elave dermo renew daily lip defence SPF 20 15ml (beeswax)
Elave dermo renew skin balancing moisturiser 50ml (honey)
Elave dermo renew skin balancing cleansing gel 200ml (honey)

Elave sensitive skincare Vegan products are clearly labelled with the PETA Cruelty-Free and Vegan logo under the Ingredients tab on each product page.

Their Elave range contains no sulfates SLES/SLS, no parabens, no perfume, no formaldehyde, no methylisothiazolinone (MI), no alcohol, no soap, no colours & more. They basically contain what is needed to do the job, sensitively, and without anything harmful. ‘Absolute purity’ is the term they use for this, and you can see more details of what they leave out and why here: https://gardinerfamilyapothecary.com/pages/what-do-we-mean-by-absolute-purity

A lot of their products are suitable for children also which may be great news for some of you, please check out their website for full details of this.

I’m sure a lot of us are in the same boat when it comes to our hands – my hands are so, so dry all the time at the moment from using hand sanitiser in shops – the sensitive hand wash has been great. They also offer their own sensitive hand sanitising gel, which is great for keeping in your handbag or in your car.

Another great note to mention about the Gardiner Family Apothecary – they are very focused in terms of sustainability – they have lithium free solar panels at their manufacturing plant, they minimise the use of toxic chemicals which reduces harmful waste, and all of their packaging is recyclable.

Our skin is the largest organ we have – let’s look after it šŸ˜Š

Stay safe x




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