Superdrug. My New Obsession

Affordable, quality and cruelty free and vegan. Superdrugs own brand products tick all the boxes!

Their brand ranges from hand creams, nail polish remover, face wipes, cooling sprays, face masks, coconut oil (amazing for literally everything), to tan and lip balm! Their makeup range is called ‘B’, and their award winning mascara is worth checking out. All of their products have been given the seal of approval from Cruelty Free International (formerly BUAV which is mentioned on their site) and given the use of the Leaping Bunny Symbol on all of their products. Which is super handy (it’s how I realised they were CF in the first place!)

“We love everything beauty, and are proud to say that no animals are tested on in our quest for cosmetics in our Own Brand range! Testing on animals is now banned in the UK and across the EU, but this is not the story throughout the rest of the world. Living cruelty-free has become increasingly viable in recent years, with more and more companies making a stance. Look out for the Leaping Read on our Own Brand products to be assured it has been certified ‘cruelty free’ under the internationally recognised Humane Cosmetics Products Standards.

Find out more about our own vegan-friendly beauty brand, B. below, and discover other cruelty free makeup ranges that are now available online.”

I love when brands are so clear and upfront about their beliefs and policies! If you search ‘Cruelty Free’ on their site it gives you all of their brands that fall under this category- super handy. Keep doin’ what you’re doin’ , Superdrug.


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