Transitioning Your Products: How To

First things first, you’ve taken the first step and decided to only shop Cruelty Free. Yay!

Second things second, now you are looking at all your products. Everything you use, from primer to conditioner to hairspray.

It can be overwhelming, but don’t worry! Here’s a quick step-by-step guide to help you!

  • Get an idea of the various brands you are using. Check the ‘Good Brands’ list above!
    (This list is not definitive; If there are some products you are unsure of feel free to contact me and I can look into it. As a new blog the list is still growing and I’m still researching!)
  • Have a look and see which brands from the list you would like to try. You may have some ‘trial and error’ moments but that’s totally normal. Ask for samples or expert advice in store if its available!
  • Don’t throw away products that you aren’t finished with!
    (It took me about a year to fully transition everything, and even to this day I’m still changing one or two bits! I still have some Essie nail varnish and I’m using it up before I throw it away, I just don’t buy it anymore.)
  • It’s best if you change one or two products at a time. It would be far too overwhelming to try change everything all at once. Pick something like your foundation, get a CF one you are happy with, and then focus on the next item you are changing.
  • Don’t put yourself under time pressure! Every item you buy that is CF is making a huge difference. Plus, you probably want to spread out the financial end of things too.
  • Be conscious of the vast amount of cosmetics and other products you use; I never even considered things like toothpaste and cleaning products until I read about CF versions of them that are available.
  • No one is perfect; we are all bound to buy bits and pieces that we later discover to be from a brand that tests. Don’t worry – it’s all a learning curve.
    Mandatory animal testing in Mainland China unfortunately isn’t going to change overnight, but we are all speaking with our choices.

Post your Cruelty Free pics on Instagram and tag @crueltyfree_ireland I would love to see all your shopping!

H x

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